On 12 April 2007, I had the distinct pleasure to meet Christopher Lloyd. Jelle Boucher, a movie buff more buff than Biff, told me living legend Lloyd was coming to BIFFF (The Brussels International Festival of Fantasic Film). After a small ceremony, he was crowned 'Knight in the Order of the Raven'. Afterwards, a Q&A session ensued. I asked Mr. Lloyd if he had heard about Spielberg's (then rumoured) 'The Adventures of Tintin' movie, and suggested he would be an excellent casting choice for the role of the absent-minded Professor Calculus. He chuckled at the notion, and asked me if I was doing pre-production work on the film. Sadly, I was not. At the end of the evening, Mr. Lloyd took a permanent marker and started handing out free autographs. He signed my Back to the Future DVD, and I gave him a poem I wrote. Lovely man, lovely memory.