Christopher Lloyd

I was nine when I first saw him on the silver screen:
the villain in Dennis The Menace, wretched and mean.

One year later, I met him as “The Doc”.
Needless to say, it caused quite a shock.
Emmett sure had charm, humour and wit.
So I could easily grasp why it had been a hit.

Thirteen years on, Back To The Future is still my very favourite.
In 1955, 1985 or 2007: catch it and you’ll be receptive as a kid.
Whether it’s 44 or 88 mph, miss it and you’ll see some serious shit.

In short: what makes a good actor? What is the defining factor?
He has to move us, make us laugh, cry, sheer and leap for joy.
That’s the power of cinema: to make us happy like a little boy.

Uncle Martin, Fester, The Pagemaster, Taber and Doc Brown,
Mr. Lloyd, you rarely let us down.

Julian De Backer, 11 April 2007