RDH - Work In Progress/Mind
A. Projecten in ontwikkeling | Stuck in development hell

Hollywood aan de Schelde part II (with ATV)
a.k.a. Bericht aan het vuurwerkpubliek (with TV6)
a.k.a. Het geluk komt morgen (with RTBF & ARTE)

De zomer van de Vlaamse film [The Flemish Film Summer] : 13 episodes with XINIX

Achter de schermen van Studio 6 : drama-interactie
[Behind The Scenes Of Studio 6 : drama-interaction]

B. Verder verlenen wij onze medewerking aan | Collaborations

An ambitious feature film (release date : 2012)

A humourous erotic film (working titles Screentest or L'histoire érotique du cinéma or De Winkel van Willy)

C. Andere opdrachten | Miscellaneous

A documentary feature about painter Pol Mara

Cuba, 3 generations (3 x 40 minutes)

Sophie Winters' wedding video

France : A View From Above (a National
co-production in IMAX)

The History Of The Antwerp Jews

D. Andere langspeelfilmprojecten | Motion pictures

Soeur Sourire, The Singing Nun (since 1996)

The Missionary [the impossible love between a missionary and a social assistant, based on a true story]

Yellow In Yellow [A Crazy Story] [The colony in Geel, Belgium during World War II]

A Dog Story [a dog's life in Berlin, during the
Cold War at the beginning of the 60's]

Het Afscheid [remake of Hugo Claus's movie, set in Korea]

De onkreukbaren [Blueberry Hill part III]

Komkommer en Co [stories about love and war,
in times of love and war]

E. En als steenezels blijven wij onze tanden zetten in projecten zoals | Projects that will never come to fruition

The Song and Dance Men [a.k.a. Black & Blue]

Het Spaanse Spook [The Spanish Ghoul, based
on a Spike & Suzy/Suske & Wiske comic book]

The Persecution of the JC Gang [A western about
Jesus Christ's final days, in development since 1965]