9 October 2019

'De Cinema', the beautiful arthouse cinema in the center of Antwerp, Belgium, is holding a special screening of Back to the Future on 21 October 2019. Yes, indeed, on Back to the Future Day, no less. A very rare opportunity to experience the Best Movie of All Time™ on the silver screen with crystal-clear sound. Be there or be square, 'Enchantment Under the Sea'-wise. Get your tickets here. If all goes well, yours truly will introduce the movie with a short lecture before the lights dim.

16 March 2019

Karen François, graphical designer and meme maestro par excellence, tweeted this photo on 13 March 2019. She and a friend (the featured chap) visited a Belgian snack bar called 'Back to the Frituur'. Quite the nice pun - for those who speak Dutch. 'Frituur' closely resembles the word 'Future', and literally means friterie or chip shop. I don't know how legal this is, but it sure is hilarious.
Photo © Karen François

23 July 2018

An older tidbit I had yet to post: on 21 October 2015, the news programme on Belgian TV channel 'één' made special mention of Back to the Future. As coincidence would have it, the channel had contacted me earlier that day and had asked me to talk about my favourite movie of all time. I gladly obliged. I've subtitled the clip for international audiences. © VRT

3 November 2017

Willem Raymaekers, one of my oldest friends, was driving on the Ring in Antwerp, when he spotted a DMC-12 DeLorean automobile. He made a quick photo, and posted the result on his social media channels. I asked him if I could repost the photo, and he gladly agreed. As such, all credit and copyright is his.

7 September 2017

Ferrero SpA, the Italian manufacturer of chocolate and the company responsible for ever-expanding love handles, offers its customers the chance to create wrappers (stickers, actually) to decorate their Nutella jar. The promotion is free of charge and postage costs, and runs through the company's website. Naturally, I opted for a Back to the Future wrapper. Hey, what did you expect?

16 December 2016

F.A.C.T.S. is the biggest comic/film/geek/bröl convention in the Benelux (BElgium-NEtherlands-LUXembourg). On 26 September 2015, exactly one day after my birthday and one odd month prior to Back to the Future day, mister Christopher Lloyd was one of the attending guests. Ready to take selfies with fans, pose for photos inside a provided DeLorean and scribble autographs, in exchange for a hefty sum ($40-$60).

I had made a drawing for Mr. Lloyd, welcoming him to Belgium, surrounded by Belgian iconography, and had planned to hand it over. Unfortunately, photo opportunities took longer than expected, and the last signing session of the day was cancelled. All I could do, was give my drawing to Mr. Lloyd's personal assistant. She promised me she would give it to her boss. I sure hope she did.

15 April 2016

Yesterday, I was driving towards the city of Lier, Belgium, when I spotted a DeLorean standing on the parking lot of JB Cars. This was not news to me. I was aware of the existence of this particular car, for I had seen it standing there before. I had even asked the owner of JB Cars about possible purchase chances, but he doesn't intend to sell his DMC-12. He just uses it as an eyecatcher for clients and newbies. Which works. I'm writing about him right now. Lots of accidental bypassers stop to take photos.

Continuing my drive, I spotted another DeLorean, driving around in the city center of Lier. Now that was a veritable first. I had never seen the car breathing, cruising, revving, gearing, being alive. Quite the geeky thrill. The driver took a turn to the left and parked his automobile. I approached him, and told him about my love for Back to the Future and my eventual desire to one day own a DeLorean. For ten minutes, he kindly answered all my nerdy questions, and then left. As a last favour, I asked him if I could snap some photos of his DMC-12 while he wasn't around. He politely agreed, and even proposed to make some photos with me behind the wheel. Wow, just wow. For the first time in my life, I have actually sat in the iconic time machine. Standing on the shoulders of Marty, Doc and Old Biff. Thanks, kind man!

What are the odds, by the way, of seeing two DeLoreans in one day? In Belgium? Very slim, I'd say.

Marty: "Check out that 4x4. That is hot. Someday, Jennifer. Someday. Wouldn't it be great to take that truck up to the lake? Throw a couple of sleeping bags in the back. Lie out underneath the stars."

16 March 2016

For every three portions of Kellogg's the customer buys, he gets to order a personalized spoon. How very nice. Sadly, copyrighted names and items are strictly forbidden, which explains why my The Goonies spoon never passed the preproduction stage. 'Outatime' does sound copyrighted to me (I've never seen or heard it mentioned outside of the Back to the Future mythos), but Kellogg's didn't protest. Thanks to these spoons, my cereal bowls and breakfast tables will never look more stylish.

Marty: 'Hey! What the hell is this?'
Linda: 'Breakfast.'

21 October 2015

Today earns its place in pop culture history as the date of Marty McFly's arrival in the future. Or, as of now, the present. On 26 October 1985, after an eventful week in November 1955, Marty travelled to 21 October 2015 to save his kids' future. To commemorate this joyous occasion - after all, Back to the Future is my favourite movie of all time - I'd like to drink a Pepsi Perfect (problem: Pepsi only released 6500 bottles for the American market) and I'd love to wear futuristic Nikes (problem: the fashionable shoes were produced in limited quantities and fetched high prices - luckily, the money went towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation), but I will see the entire trilogy for the very first time on the silver screen later today. The three movies will be screened as part of the Ghent Film Festival. This is heavy! Great Scott!

20 October 2015

On 14 November 2015, deejays N8N and Alain Deloin will host a one-off event called 'The Love Below Back to the Future', to welcome Marty McFly to the present day. For this special evening, they have adopted the monikers 'N8N McFly' and 'Doc Deloin'. Expect a mix of old and new classics from the worlds of soul and funk. Place to be: Rijnkaai 1, 2000 Antwerp. Even if you're a wallflower (like yours truly), you can't afford to miss this. After all, the song 'Wallflower (Roll With Me Henry)' is on the first movie's soundtrack. Free entrance if you bring your hoverboard!

13 October 2015

This folder has nothing to do with Back to the Future.
"Okay. Time circuit's on. Flux capacitor, fluxing. Engine running. All right."

8 October 2015

On 26 September 2015, author and Doctor of Philosophy Peter De Voecht and yours truly saw a DeLorean on the highway to Ghent (sadly no accompanying AC/DC tunes on the airwaves). A stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12 sports car in the wild remains quite the rare sight, and we initially passed it. Instead of moaning about the missed picture opportunity (as I ever so professionally did), Peter had the brilliant idea to abandon the highway. I took a right turn, and he snapped the DMC as it went straight ahead. As such, all credit and copyright is his.

6 August 2015

Belgian license plates follow a strict pattern: the number 1, hyphen, three letters, hyphen, three numbers (e.g. "1-XXX-000"). Older plates can have variations: it's not uncommon to come across "XX-000" or "X0000". I love to play with words, so some plates are a source of amusement when discovered.
'ELB' - Emmett Lathrop Brown - comes straight from Back to the Future Part III, when Doc blurts out: "My initials! Just like in Journey To The Center of the Earth! That means the time machine must be right through this wall!" While his middle name 'Lathrop' was never mentioned in the movies, the animated series did spell it out.